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Grow revenues and margins by offering online video to your customers and advertisers. Video is quite simply the fast-growing category of online advertising.

Video is in hot demand from your customers. Delivering enahnced revenue stream and a more competitive and sticky website can be achieved with's video solution.

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pr companies video simply integrates with online directories, newspaper and classified sites. We work with publishers, development companies, agencies and other reseller partners to offer online video to existing customers, plus we also bring our customers to you.

Companies like ACP Media, Ray White, Colliers, Professionals, RE/MAX, 3Webfeet, OneClick, SureFire and more all trust to provide high-quality, high-volume video fulfillment to their customers.

Reseller - we develop strategies that deliver you revenue and increased customer satisfaction.
Some of the local media websites taking our video.

Media Industry Video Survey

In Q1 of 2010, Brightcove conducted a survey of more than 100 media customers representing television broadcasters, newspaper publishers, magazine publishers, and music labels. The sample included customers across North America and Europe.

Business Strategy
The top three reasons respondents gave for using online video on their websites included :
1. Increasing engagement (76 percent), 2. Strengthening their brand (60 percent), 3. Increasing site visitors (55 percent).

Video Benefits

  • Increase online channel revenues
  • Increase engagement and time spent
  • Increase uptake of your products when bundled with video
  • Increase upgraded renewals from existing customers
  • Increase new advertiser sign-ups
  • Drive additional response leads and sales
Publisher Video Solutions
Video for Classifiieds & Directories

We can work with you and supply video for your classifieds and directory services.

Video improves revenue through enhancing premium listing packages and improving conversion rates for booking/lead or e-commerce engines.

We currently supply content to over 40 New Zealand directory and classified services enabling publishers to differentiate,. improve session time, and crucially improve revenue.

Watch classiifed example
Video for Sponsor Revenue via 'Editorial' & How to Content

We work with you to develop video concepts for your content and then help you integrate or create video content from sponsors.

A good recent example is opposite with Equine Trader where a 26 part show-jumping 'how to' series was sponsored with a created video advertisement from the leading Horse Float manufacturer delivering terrifc value all round.

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Video & Content Advertising Units
The challenge for most publishers with SME's online is persuading customer to use display advertising. produces 15s video advertising creatives enabling you to access and leverage clients with engaging creative.

With numerous video research studies showing video ads can significantly improve CTR and brand engagement effectiveness, deliver value ahead of your competition.

No need to create old-fashioned uneffective GIF ads anymore.
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Online Video Training and Execution
With our leading traditional and online media executive experience we also provide excellent online video training to your sales and marketing teams. We can help to create your video sales kit and coach your team in the field.

Crucially we will work with you on simple systems to ensure the implementation of videos sales is easy.

We can ensure that your execution of online video is highly professional and delivers to your customers expectations.

Get the benefit of insights and training from our team who have launched and run major media website sites and magazines worldwide.

'We talk the talk because we've walked the walk.'

Contact us to learn from our senior online media executive team how internet video increases profile, clicks and generates calls and revenue for both you and your customers.



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