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Event Video & PR Video

Expand Your Audience with Event Video

We can video the event, or use your existing video footage to create full online motion video to present the message of the event professionally. We host and deliver the event video across the web and via email to ensure the event video is seen by its potential audience. We can also create branded players for additional cut-through and presentation.

We Deliver Video Event Reach

Event Video Production

We Get Your Event Video Seen Online

Event Video On Your Website Is A Must

Online video immediately improves your internet enquiries and sales conversions bringing your event, website and your brand alive.

Online video marketing is a major driver of recent online advertising growth. With over 70% of internet users actively watching online video (Nielsen Netratings 2008), it is time for your business to catch the wave. We know how to make online video delivers results. Our videos have been creating on average 280% increases in views on products that have video compared to static images.

2000 videos
At we make website video production and internet video marketing easy. We create the internet video for you, we host the video for you and we market the video online for you - this is online video advertising that delivers.
Video Production Solutions
With our video production service we can come to you to film a mini movie or commercial, or we can simply video edit existing footage you already have. We move fast - as your customers and business does - we turnaround videos within 48 hours.We offers a range of high quality video production solutions that can meet your needs.

Our internet video productions can be used for business profiles, marketing messages and product showcases.

Fast Quality Turnaround of Video Productions

With you get a high quality video production solution in 48 hours with our expertise, service and national video network.

Your Event Video LIVE in 48 hours

Come on and join the online video marketing revolution today.
Contact us to find out more to take advantage of the next online marketing wave.

Event Video Hosting Event Video Editing

We hostyour internet eventvideo free of charge forever! You simply add a piece of code to your side to display. It's so easy. If you already have a video we can edit, host, distribute and market for you.


Event Video On Your website

Our hosted video player simply shows the event video on your website. No code changes - just easy video. Customer players, HD Video and designs.

Make sure you give your event ongoing life and reach.

Online Video Websites

Social Media

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stumbleupon video marketing
We cleverly video SEO optimise, promote and market your event video for you on major internet video sites such as YouTube, Yahoo Video and Google Video bring new customers to you. We also market your event video to specific customers using our innovate internet video marketing programme using the emerging social media channels.

Internet Video Advertising NEW

We promote your event video on targeted websites and video advertising networks driving more customers to you. You only pay for the customers we send you.

Mobile Video

Kiosk Video
mobile video
Impress customers on the move your moible event video.
plasma video
Your video on screens that your target audience view.

TV Video Advertising - Cinema Advertising

Effective mass reach packages using your low cost internet video as the creative.
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Filmed at the event, or using your existing footage full motion video is ideal for packaging the message professionally and delivering across the web and via email. We can create branded players for additional cut-through and presentation