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Why Mobile Online Video

At we deliver you a mobile video format as part of our video solution.

Mobile video usage is on the rise in New Zealand with the '3G' mobile networks. Combined with massive take-up of mobile devices like the iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, and other mobile devices capable of video playback, mobile video proliferation continues to rise.

Our mobile video solution is all part of the service. No hidden charges.

We have real estate agents who use their mobiles to show their current listings with video to potential customers. Great when on the move.

No need to lug-around your laptop and the numbing powerpoint presentation. Show the video to show your business, product or service.

Use the power of mobile video through email marketing and MMS

Local publishers and international publishers are producing a plethora of online mobile applications that can carry video. Shortly we will be able to deliver your mobile video into these new mobile services reaching your target customers.

Mobile Video - 3GP

IPhone Video - Ipad Video

You can store the mobile video on your phone. Show customers your services. This example is for Allied Security, the leading NZ owned security company.

They are often out and about as are their customers. They have seen terrfiic results from online video.


Exampe of our real esate customer who uses mobile video to show potential buyers property for sale whilst on the move.

Imaging you meet a client in a cafe or in the street. No need to boot up the laptop or send some photos on. Show the concept right there right then.

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