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At we can deliver you customised online video players to re-enforce your branding, the video content and your website design.

From colours to video players buttons, video player size we can create a custom solution. We work in with your development company or we can create specific video websites for you.

We have developed muilt-channel video players for leading brands, publishers and organisations effetively creating a mini TV channel for them

Video Channel Players can be used for episodes, video segments or players creating a significant and engaing experience for your users.

Video Player Examples

 was built for Fisher Funds Kiwi Saver scheme and provides customers' video insights into numerous topics from the leading investment team at Fisher Funds.

The channel drives leads through form applications and further information.

  Ray White Rolleston's TV video player presents the office, the managers, sales agents.

You can also watch the terrfic solutions they offer such as auction events, property management and rentals.

The video player creates a signifcant competitive advantage locally.

iab video player

Made for the Interactive Bureau of New Zealand and the New Zealand Magazine Publisher Association, this terrifc player presents a live debate.

'Are Magazines Dead?' presents entertaining debate with polls and twitter stream enabling industry members across New Zealand to view, comment and pass on.

Kaha Financial's Video Player presents the core values of the business supported by excellent quality testimonials driving enquiry.

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