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Live Video Podcasting

Live Podcast Case Study

Video Podcasting

We offer a leading live interactive broadcast platform that enables you to engage your audience in a meaningful, immediate way. We can broadcast to an audience of unlimited size in online and mobile Podcasting formats.

We open up a new world of possibilities to engage with your customers through video Podcasting.

  • Live Auctions
  • Debates, speeches, rallies
  • Business events and training
  • Conferences
Our live Podcasting mixing solution enables integration with presentations, picture in pictues and interweaves with the social web. We can integrate the broadcast to Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace.

We also produce an online video and edits to further market the live-Podcast so you get ongoing value.

We live Podcasted the Colliers Farmlands auction so Colliers offices worldwide could watch and bid. We then produced and video marketing this video to showcase the success of their commercial property auction program.

Colliers Live Podcasting Auction Review

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Online Video Revolution

Online video marketing is a major driver of recent online advertising growth. With over 70% of internet users actively watching online video (Nielsen Netratings 2008), it is time for your business to catch the wave.

Having your own website business video enables you to have your own internet TV commercial promoting and bringing to life your business, products and services.

Video Production Solutions

We offers a range of high quality video production solutions that can meet your needs.

Video services can be used for business profiles, marketing messages and product showcases.

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Come on and join the online video marketing revolution today.

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