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Internet Video advertising

The Rise of Video advertising

Online video advertising is experiencing explosive growth from Businesss to small business. YouTube advertising showed the way and now video advertising is the fastest growing advertising medium worldwide.

At your video gets seen drving new customers and new business. We offer high quality value video advertising solutions, advanced video search engine optimisation (Video SEO) and dedicated internet video advertising targeting and reporting to get your online video in the right places to be seen.

Over 68% of kiwis are actively watching video online (Nielsen Net Ratings 2008)

Professional internet videos were viewed 41.6 billion times globally ( Accustream 2008)

Internet video advertising is going to be the fastest growing advertising medium ( Forrester 2008, emarketerer 2009)

We Get Your Internet Video Seen with Online Video advertising

Video Advertising Via Your Website

Our Video Distribution Partners

Internet Video Advertising

We will ensure your internet video is promoted on great reach sites. We video SEO optimise, promote and market your video for you on major internet video sites such as YouTube, Yahoo Video and Google Video bring new customers to you.

We can promote your video on leading and targeted websites and advertising networks on a cost per click basis.

You only pay for results.


Your video appears on your own website with a simple code. We host the video at no additional cost to you.

Video Email advertising

Local Media Advertising Partners is working with local media companies and websites to deliver additional response for you. If you are listed on these websites your video also appears there, strengthening your listing vs. the competition.

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Mobile Video Advertising

We provide an email video link so your signature can include your video so current customers and prospects can view your video.

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You also recieve kiosk and mobile video versions

Social Media Video

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Kiosk Video Advertising

We also market your video to specific customers using our innovate internet video advertising programme using the emerging social media channels.

stumbleupon video marketing
kiosk video Your video marketed on screens that your target audience view.

Video DVDs

Google Video SEO

Television /Cinema

Your video is also delivered on your own branded DVD for you to use in the office, at shows or to give to potential customers. We can mass produce.

Your video is search engine optimised (Video SEO) for Google, Bing and other traditonal and video search engines.

This means your video often appears on first page searches so you can dominate results.

The example below for 'Halswell Christchurch' in Google delivers two of our video thumbnals and four of our video links on the first page.

Effective mass reach advertising packages using your low cost internet video as the creative.

You now have a low cost TV / Cinema commercial to which we can help you target locally.
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