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Video Reporting

Video Analytics

Video Reporting

Our video reporting gives us a rich view one view of what engagement your video is delivering to your customers on your own sites, other media sites where it is appearing and also on the key video websites such as YouTube.

We report to you and produce solutions to further improve your business video engagement and identify video marketing solutions for you.

Plays and Viewed Minutes
We show you how many plays you have had. A great measure of potential video value is viewed minutes. We track every second of viewing time and every viewer of your video.

Viewer Attention
We track the average time your
audience spends viewing your content and identify how we can improve your videos engagement.

Syndication Tracking
We track detailed viewing behavior that
occurs outside of your website such as the media and video sites we have distributed your video to.

Per-Stream Quality
We track the quality of all our video delivery from the perspective of the viewer. Ensuring that we stream your video correctly to your audience.

Region Tracking
Track your viewed minutes by region.
Measure and improve the value and
target audience of your video assets.

When you host your video with you get the benefit of our expert video distribution and marketing services.

We ensure your video really works for you driving business and brand benefits.

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Online Video Revolution

Online video marketing is a major driver of recent online advertising growth. With over 70% of internet users actively watching online video (Nielsen Netratings 2008), it is time for your business to catch the wave.

Having your own website business video enables you to have your own internet TV commercial promoting and bringing to life your business, products and services.

Video Production Solutions

We offers a range of high quality video production solutions that can meet your needs.

Video services can be used for business profiles, marketing messages and product showcases.

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Come on and join the online video marketing revolution today.

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