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Video Search Engine Optimisation ( Video SEO )

Why Video SEO

At your video gets seen drving new customers and new business.

Our advanced video search engine optimisation (Video SEO) helps your video get seen in the most critical online marketing channel - Search Engines such as Google and YouTube.

You'll see many of our customers videos as thumbnails in natural search result on search engines and video websites and their video links improving there search page share vs. their competitors.

Google searches referred 38.92% of all video streams according to new collaborative TubeMogul & Brightcove research May 2010.

YouTube is now the world's second biggest search engne. Source Comscore.

Use Video SEO to enahce your traditional SEO to improve your market share and dominate results.

We all know search is predominately where your potential customers are starting their researh. Be there.

We Get Your Internet Video Seen with Video SEO

Video Search Engine Optimisation

Your video is search engine optimised (Video SEO) for Google, Bing and other traditonal and video search engines.This means your video often appears on first page searches so you can dominate results quickly.

The example opposite for 'Halswell Christchurch' in Google delivers two of our video thumbnals and four of our video links on the first page.

We've implemented over 2,000 video SEO launches, our team have excellent SEO knowledge providig traditional SEO services for a number of major brands and small businesses alike.

Through a combination of Video SEO techniques we help your video deliver audeince, engagement and business results. We get your video correctly SEO optimised for the key search engines and video sharing sites below. Through our channel popularity and networks we deliver additional links to your video via social media and links driving popularity.

Exampe of our customers video thumbnails on Page 1 of Google

Video SEO for Search Engines


SEO for Video Sharing Websites

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