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Internet Video Marketing

The Rise of Internet Video

Online Video advertising is experiencing explosive growth from corporates to small business.

Internet television videos significanlty drive response rates on websites, develop brand impact and deliver significant exposure. The dynamic form of video advertising can really make a difference for your business.

At we cover all the key markets offering quality value video marketing solutions and dedicated internet video advertising targeting to get your online video in the right places to be seen.

Over 68% of kiwis are actively watching video online (Nielsen Net Ratings 2008)

Professional internet videos were viewed 41.6 billion times globally ( Accustream 2008)

Internet video advertising is going to be the fastest growing advertising medium ( Forrester 2008, emarketerer 2009)

We Promote Your Internet Video and Offer Online Video Advertising Programmes
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Internet Video Marketing

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interactive video advertising
on leading and targeted websites and advertising networks

kiosk and mobile video

your video on screens that your target audience view
television advertising
effective mass reach packages using your low cost internet videos as the creative
Your video appears on your own website with a simple code. We host the video at no additional cost to you.
We will ensure your internet video is promoted on great reach sites. We promote and market your video for you on major internet video sites such as You Tube and Google Video.
We can also target your video to specific customers using our innovate internet video advertising programme using the best of online and traditional channels.

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Online Video Advertising Revolution

Online video marketing is a major driver of recent online advertising growth. With over 70% of internet users actively watching online video (Nielsen Netratings 2008), it is time for your business to catch the wave.

Online video advertising enables you to have your own TV commercial promoting and bringing to life your business, products and services.

Video Production Solutions

We offers a range of high quality video solutions that can meet your needs.

Video services can be used for business profiles, marketing messages and product showcases.


Come on and join the online video marketing revolution today.

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