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Silverline Media is a full-service Internet video marketing service. We produce high quality low-cost Internet videos for your website with fast turnarounds and deliver reach for those videos across the Internet to the right audience.

Video Services

Video Reach

We have identified a range of video product solutions to meet your budget and potential.

  • Full Motion Video
    Filmed on location, or using the customers existing footage we have found full motion is ideal for business profiles, star products and promotions.
  • Virtual Video (montage)
    Photos are blended, panned and flipped to create illusion of video with both professional voice/graphic overlays and royalty free music over bringing the clip to life.
  • Features
    We use live or virtual motion location, product and ‘employee/business owner’ footage and edit within both the full motion and virtual motion storyboards to raise the presentation and quality.
  • Stock
    We currently have suburb shots for Auckland for mixing into property, retail and tourism videos. We aim to expand this inventory across the country through the next twelve months.
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Online Video Revolution

Online video marketing is a major driver of recent online advertising growth. With over 70% of internet users actively watching online video (Nielsen Netratings 2008), it is time for your business to catch the wave.

Online video advertising enables you to have your own TV commercial promoting and bringing to life your business, products and services. more >>

Video Solutions

We offers a range of high quality video solutions that can meet your needs.

Video services can be used for business profiles, marketing messages and product showcases.

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